Spousal Sponsorship

Your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner

A spouse that you sponsor can be of either sex and must be at least 18 years old, provided they are not otherwise ineligible for immigration to Canada due to a criminal record or another disqualifying factor. To this end, you may also sponsor a common-law partner of conjugal partner you have been with for 12 months. For common-law partners, you must have lived together for the majority of that time with no long breaks. For conjugal partners, they must be normally unable to marry or live with you in your country of residence because:

  • Martial Status (i.e. still married to someone else in a nation where divorce is not possible)

  • Sexual orientation (i.e. you are a same-sex couple in a nation where that is not allowed)

  • Persecution (i.e. you are members of different religious or ethnic groups that are in conflict)

  • Other significant legal and immigration reasons

No one should have to endure the hardships of a new beginning without their partner. Let Shah and Shah Lawyers help you by booking a consultation today and help you navigate the process.

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