Personal Injury

Personal injury is a deeply intimate field of law dealing with life-altering injuries arising from negligent or intentional conduct. We empathize deeply with accident victims and work tirelessly to attain justice for their suffering. Personal Injury clients can rest assured our team understands the human element just as well as the law.

Personal injury claims arise from another party, intentionally or negligently, causing an accident that causes injury to a person(s). Virtually any accident occurring as a result of another’s conduct may entitle a person to a personal injury claim. The most common of these are car accidents and slip and falls.

In these cases, the lawyer must determine cause, liability, & damages, and communicate with third parties and opposing counsel. The client has an extremely important role as well. Throughout the course of their injury, they must continue visiting medical professionals. Medical reports are critical in proving causation and determining the value of damages. Clients must also preserve/recover all potential evidence from the initial accident, be it clothing, photographs, or damaged property.

Personal injury victims face great difficulties, from physical pain to emotional trauma to financial burdens. We here at Shah and Shah understand the suffering our clients endure and are passionate about achieving justice for them. By any means necessary, we will fight to ensure you are compensated for your injury and can find peace.

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