Slip/Trip and Fall

Slip and falls occur when you slip, trip or fall on public or private property. In order to be eligible to file a slip and fall claim, you must demonstrate that it was caused by the negligence of the party responsible for maintaining that property.

It is also important to note you are limited by the time in which you can file a claim. In most cases the statute of limitations starts running on the day the fall occurred. Most of the time you will only file the claim after you have reached maximum recovery to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to call our firm and speak to a lawyer.

Damages can include:
• Pain and Suffering including emotional and mental disorders related to the injury.
• Income Loss (past and future)
• Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other treatments
• Prescription medication payments
• Personal support workers and/or attendant care.

It is important to provide the evidence to substantiate your claim, this can include photos of the accident scene, the shoes you were wearing, medical records, proof of lost income, invoices and receipts, etc. Hiring a lawyer is in your best interests as they will help review and gather evidence on your behalf, identify witnesses, and ensure the property owner owed you a duty of care.

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