Quebec Investor

There are several business visas available for those seeking to migrate to Canada. These cater to business owners and managers who are interested in immigrating to Canada.

At our law firm we will ensure you do not make the following common mistakes when applying for your business visa:

• Withholding necessary or providing insufficient information
• Not responding to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in the provided time frame for their request for additional documents or information
• Misunderstanding Canadian immigration law or policy
• Applying for the wrong type of visa
• Misinterpreting your eligibility for a particular visa

Who qualifies as an investor?

The Immigration Investor Program (IIP) aims to have experienced business people, owners or individuals with managerial experience to contribute to Canada’s growth and long-term prosperity by investing in Canada’s economy.

Investor Applicants for Quebec must:

• Demonstrate they have business experience, as an owner or as senior management 
• Have a net worth of at least $2 million that was gained legally and are able to invest $1.2 million for five years.

The Government of Quebec guarantees your investment. The investment will be held for five years, without interest. However, financing options are available too and our law firm can assist you with several options in this regard.

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