Provincial Nominations

In Canada, almost all provincial and territorial governments are competing for skilled professionals and business. It is one of the fastest paths to immigration and should be considered for all hopefuls who qualify.

Provincial Streams have more accommodating criteria than the Federal Skilled Worker Program. If selected by either, you will be nominated by the province/federal government and provided a business work permit. Each option offers different incentives and have distinct requirements.

Provincial Nominations are for workers who:

  • Have the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory;

  • Want to live in that province, and;

  • Want to become permanent residents of Canada

Each province/territory has their own requirements and target certain groups, including:

  • Students

  • Business people

  • Skilled Works

  • Semi Skilled Workers

 Contact our firm so we can help you navigate through the various streams and programs. We will ensure you make the right decision for your career and your family.

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