Child Sponsorship

As a parent, you may sponsor your or your spouse’s child if they are considered a dependent. Typically, this means someone who is younger than 22 years old and don’t have a spouse or common law partner. Children 22 years or older may also qualify as dependents if they meet both of these requirements:

They are unable to financially support themselves because of a mental or physical condition
They have depended on their parents for financial support since before the age of 22

So long as they qualify as a dependent, you may sponsor your own child or that of your spouse. You may also sponsor orphaned family members or adopted children in a similar manner. Each route has a different set of expectations, requirements, and benefits and are often judged case-by-case.

We understand how vital it is for immigrant parents to bring their children with them for a better life. If you seek to sponsor your child, please contact our firm immediately for a consultation.

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